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Denim Fit Guide

We're all built differently but we all share one common goal: to find the perfect pair of jeans to fit our body type. To help you find the jeans for you, check out our new denim fit guide:

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-If you want to add some curves to your body look for stretch denim and slim fits.
-Avoid rigid, loose fit or wide legs jeans.
-Check out denim with a flap or zippered back pockets. Those details tend to add bulk and curvature where you need it most.

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-You can try a flare or a bootcut. Those jeans tend to balance out the curves of your hips and thighs with a slight flare at the bottom of the jeans. But avoid ultra-slim bootcuts like the Diesel Zathan (you won't be able to get those over your thighs). The True Religion Joey or the Diesel Zaf have more room in the thigh and will better accentuate your body.
- Those looking to play down their curves should try a mid to low rise straight leg. The silhouette of the straight leg will deemphasize your thighs and even out the curves on the lower half of your body. Try the G-Star Low Loose or the Diesel Levan.

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-To elongate the leg and body go for a pair of low rise jeans with a longer leg to wear with boots.
-Look for jeans with different inseam lengths. Most jeans without inseams have a 33” or 34” length.
-Avoid wide leg, flares, or anything that will widen your shape.

TIP -- If you need to hem your jeans, take them to your tailor and ask to keep the original hem -- they’ll look like they are straight from the manufacturer and you'll be able to retain all the worn-in details the brand has added to the hem! But be careful not to go too short...most jeans shrink up to 1/2 an inch if you wash and tumble dry them regularly.

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-Check out denim with a low rise and a narrow bootcut or straight leg. Examples: Levi's Offender, Levi's Skinner, Diesel Zathan.
-Stay away from wide legs or flared jeans.

TIP -- To add some style and a couple extra inches you can always let out the bottom seam, which usually contains close to 1 extra inch of fabric.

TIP -- G-Star jeans are slightly shorter than most brands. If you're normally a 32 length in Diesel and Levi's, you may want to try a 34 length in your G-Stars.

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-Stick to low riding jeans. If you're really daring, try the Levi's Offender Jean--it has a 7 inch rise (one of the lowest in men's jeans).
-Avoid jeans with medium or high rise. The length in the rise will narrow the area between your waist and chest.

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-Look for a medium rise denim with a straighter leg to help balance out your proportions.
-Avoid extra low denim.