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Boxers or briefs?

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We’ve come a long way since this question made its now infamous nationally televised debut. 14 years later the men’s underwear market has gone way beyond boxers and briefs. Oh yes, we have entered into the era of the menifist movement -- a time when men are free to care about what they wear, how it looks and how it makes them feel.

Men’s basics have become anything but. Fits now include the brief, trunk, boxer brief, boxer, thong and every kind of hybrid in-between. Cotton maybe the fabric of our lives but it certainly is not the only option in undergarments. Technical fabrics like 2(x)ist Flash or Calvin Klein Pro Mesh work to wick away moisture while Play’s pima cotton provides ultra soft comfort. And color? Forget about it... brands like DT Underwear and Ginch Gonch have added a plethora of colors and prints to match any personality or outfit.

Still looking for more options? Here is a clip from an interview I did with NBC, outlining some of the other options out there for men’s underwear.

So just say no to the same old, same old. Experiment and try something different. Join the revolution!

-- Chord