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Trend Alert: Gothic Romanticism

Go ahead and admit it. Deep in your closet there are a couple of things you don’t want people to see. Next to your single white bedazzled glove are a couple of shirts from your not too distant past. You want to throw them out but you just can’t let go of the good old days of big hair bands. Yes’ the days when Guns n’Roses and Poison ruled the rock and roll roost. Well worry no more--you can finally bring the band t-shirts out of the closet and once again wear them with pride (the glove you can throw out).

The style comes out of the Romantic period of 18th century Western Europe, which was originally a response to the stoic nature of the Enlightenment. Romanticism stressed strong emotion and inspired imagination. Big hair bands of the late 80’s borrowed this motif and combined elements of death (guns) with romance and nature (roses) The result was a slightly over the top tribute to emotion and well... big hair.

AfflictionDesigners have tapped into the late 80’s vault to bring this style back. Brands like Affliction and Drifter have combined the look with some great new details like super-soft tissue cotton‚ foil printing and studs. (We recently spotted American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry rocking an Affliction shirt during a performance.) For a complete look combine one of these shirts with a pair of True Religion or Diesel jeans and some Gothic Inspired jewelry from Amigaz or Guess. Go ahead; it’s OK to once again get your gothic on.

-- Chord