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August 26, 2002

Meet the Model: Tom

tom_01.jpgThough Universal Gear models usually garner some attention from our customers (through fan emails and love letters), few get the response we recently got from all-american boy Tom Gaynor, our Summer 2003 cover model.

Tom (who also goes by Rusty) was discovered dancing at Shampoo in Philadelphia last winter by Larry E. of Mega Men (who has since opened a majorly successful club in Philiadelphia). Since then, life has been a fast-paced, whirlwind tour of clubs all over the East Coast, fashion shows and photo shoots.

I sat down with Tom in Rehoboth Beach after our latest denim photo shoot and learned that Tom is your typical 22 year old: energetic, purposefully sexual and full of big dreams.

6 feet tall, 195 pounds
Birthdate: June 6th, 1980, Gemini
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Dancer, Model, Student (he studies Business at a Penn State branch campus and plans on transferring to main campus this winter)
Career Goal: His dream job is to take over for Ashley in O-Town. His more realistic career goal involves working for a large corporation in a business management role. “I’ve always dreamt about working for a large successful business--you know, the kind where everyone drives their Ferraris to work,” he says.
Favorite Cities: Philadelphia, New York, Orlando, Miami
Vacation Spot: Cancun, Mexico
Favorite Show: “It used to be Making the Band, but now I guess I’d have to say American Idol”
Best Quality: Open-minded, gets along with everyone
Biggest downfall: Procrastinator
Perfect Date: Dinner at an expensive restaurant, walk on the beach followed by a little lovin’ right in the sand.
Perfect Mate: Blond, blue eyes, tan skin, beautiful body and great sense of humor
Deserted Island: What if he were stuck in a deserted island? Well, Tom would want to have his weight bench with him, lots of protein shakes, bars and GNC supplements and lastly his dream girl (we presume to spot him on his bench press sets and for other miscellaneous activities)
Word that best describes Tom in the bedroom: Passionate (this one is self-proclaimed... contrary to popular belief, no one in the crew that day learned that first hand).

From working with Tom these last few months, we can vouch for his passion. He’s committed to the success of any project he gets himself into. He’s low key, a little quiet when you first meet him and he’s up for just about anything.

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-- Ricardo