January 27, 2016

Make A Splash


The Snow has got to go! Alright, this may have been an unusually warm winter overall, but we've had enough snow to last us all year. It's time to pack those bags and jet off to the tropics. Come on, we know that you booked that cruise weeks ago. Now you just need to pick out that perfect swimsuit.


Square-cuts have become an instant classic in the past few years. This style of shorts is perfect for showing off a little skin without exposing too much. The beautiful Plum Italia Plaid by Sauvage, pictured above, is everything a square-cut should be. It hugs you perfectly around the waist and thighs, while the contrasting plaid pattern compliments any skin complexion. The material is stretchy and fits trim to your body and the hidden interior drawstring is sure to keep everything in its place while hopping in and out of the pool.


We know how hard you have been working for that beach ready body. Now is your chance to show off what you've got! That being said, nothing will show off your body better than a swim brief. Pictured above is Pistol Pete's Navy Sportec Brief. This style features a flexible mesh that wraps around the front and back, striking yellow trim and a contoured pouch for support and comfort just where you need it. Be bold and try something brimming with character!


Let's face it short shorts are here to stay and these box trunks are no exception. Above we have the Royal Blue & White Navigator by Andrew Christian that are sure to have you looking your best while you soak up the sun. This style is blue in the front and white in the back while the coral trim and stripes add a contrasting pop of color to the look. The Navigator also features an inner lining and drawstring waistband to keep everything thing in its place, as well as two front pockets to hold small items. Give these shorts and shot, because we know that you can pull them off.

We want you to walk onto the deck knowing that you look great! There are plenty of styles to choose from in addition to the styles listed above. We encourage you to come in and try on a few pairs to find that perfect fit. However, if you cannot make it in to one of our Store Locations, there is still quite the selection to choose from at Wouldn't it be nice to bid the cold a fond farewell? Now is the perfect time to make your getaway.
--Team UG

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January 11, 2016

Winter Sale

Just because the Holidays are over doesn't mean you want sales to end, right? Well, Universal Gear's Winter Sale will give you a good reason to brave the cold. Throughout UG you will find that select items are up to 40% off! Giving you a little more flexibility with your spending and will help you kick start your year with a fresh look.


It's finally starting to get cold out, so you are going to need a good jacket to get you through to spring. Luckily for you, most of UG's Outerwear is included in the sale! Here we have our model Adam sporting the Black Asterisk by Wesc, a sleek and stylish jacket that will match with just about any outfit. In this photo, we have the Asterisk paired with a Ben Sherman button down, a pair of Scotch & Soda Ralston jeans, and a sophisticated pair of G-Star boots. An outfit like this will have you looking fresh on those brisk winter days.


We want to keep you looking crisp. It is very easy to let your appearance go during winter. Mainly because one can easily throw on a few layers without much thought, but what about when you have to take that jacket off in front of company? You still want to be looking your best! In this shot, Adam is wearing a beautiful slim fit button down by Ben Sherman, jeans with some edge by G-Star, and waxy auburn boots by GBX. Follow his example and make sure to keep yourself looking crisp and well put together look this season.


Have a clear idea of what you want your New Year to look like. We are already a few days into 2016, so it may be a good idea to figure out your look for the upcoming year. Take some inspiration from Adam, rocking a Ben Sherman allover print button down with the sleeves rolled up; complemented by dark Buffalo jeans with a light fade and comfortable winter boots by Levi. Whether you are just adding to your already fashionable sense of style or if you simply want a fresh start, we have great deals to help move you in the right direction.

Winter may be drab, but that doesn't mean that you have to be. With up to 40% off on select items throughout the store, now is the time to update your wardrobe for the upcoming year. So make sure to stop by your nearest location or visit our online store to check out our Winter Sale. This is going to be a great year and we at Universal Gear want you looking your best!

--Team UG

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And special thanks to model Adam Ayash and Scott Henrichsen for the photos.

December 21, 2015

Universal Gear's 2015 Gift Guide

2015 GG.jpg

Let's face it; buying presents isn't always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes the holidays can be a bit overwhelming and it's hard to know just what to get someone. That's why we at Universal Gear have complied a quick list of items to make sure all of those stockings get properly stuffed this year!

gift 1 copy.jpg

It's been a busy year, so why not unwind and relax a bit. Luckily for you, or whoever is receiving your gifts, we have quite a selection of wonderful body wash, soap and hand cream gift sets from Molton Brown. These have been an all time favorite of Universal Gear customers through the years. Just because you are a man, doesn't mean you can't smell nice right? So go ahead and try the Signiture Washes Giftset for a clean sent that is sure to spice up your day. Or if you need more of a selection why not try the 12-piece travel sized Stocking Filler Collection for more variety.

gift 2 copy.jpg

Let's keep you looking trim! Fellow Barber has also been becoming a favorite among costumers at UG as of late. Like Universal Gear, Fellow Barber is a small chain that prides itself on quality of quantity. Which is why we highly suggest trying out their fantastic hair products. Want to keep your hair nice and strong? Try out the Complete Shampoo; made to strengthen your hair without stripping it down. Then finish off your fresh look with their Texture Paste for more precise and detailed looks. Use generously for a stronger hold, or a smaller amount to keep everything in its place.

gift 3 copy.jpg

Where do people usually look when they are talking to you? Well, more often than not it's going to be your face. So why not keep your face looking its best with a little help from products like Menaji. Cleanse your skin with a Deep Cleansing Masque; made to absorb oil, exfoliate dead skin and reduce pore size. This will leave you feeling fresh and keep your skin looking healthy. Also, before you head out for the day it might be a good idea to quickly use some HDPV Anti Shine Powder. Pat gently to even out you skin tone and reduce shine.

Sometimes it's the little things. Big gifts can be great, but it is also nice to have a few smaller ones to spread a little holiday cheer someone's way. So keep all these wonderful gifts in mind when shopping at Universal Gear this season. We're sure you will get a smile or two when reaching into those stockings if you do!

--Team UG

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December 19, 2015

Keep In High Spirits!

This time of year is usually filled with gatherings of every kind. Whether you are heading to a big holiday party, going out on a date with that special someone or just getting together with family and friends; we at Universal Gear want you looking your best this Holiday Season!

Winter can tend to be a bit drab, so why not offset the dreary season with a pop of color. It's easy to get into that rut of wearing black, grey, and blue. So we thought we'd give you some alternatives featuring this time of year's favorite color, red. Here we have Duncan wearing a red and navy button down by Scotch & Soda. This shirt will keep you looking trim thanks to the slim cut, while the contrasting complimentary colors and the tipped collar will draw attention towards yourself. This is a great style to have because it can easily be paired with most outfits and outerwear at Universal Gear.


It's that time of year again; and like every year everyone is getting together and exchanging gifts. So why not spread a little bit of holiday cheer with everything that UG has to offer? If you take a close look, you'll see that the gifts being exchanged are body wash gift boxes from Molton Brown and an Archipelago candle. These are perfect gifts for the season and are sure to fill the air with a pleasing aroma. We also have our handsome models wearing a mixture of brands that we carry. Adam, on the left, is sporting a plaid red and navy Tailored Originals button down, a dark wash of Scotch & Soda jeans and beautiful tan boots by Ben Sherman. While Duncan, on the left, is seen wearing a light lavender Scotch & Soda shirt with a sophisticated patterned chest pocket, a sleek pair of Ben Sherman's blue chinos and a pair of stylish brown G-Star high tops. Most of the brands that we carry play well together, so feel free to mix and match to your hearts content!


Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple. There is usually a lot going on during the holidays, so it's always a great idea to have a versatile wardrobe. As you can see, Adam is playing it cool with a plaid slim fit button up by Ben Sherman. Keeping the buttons undone towards the top gives him a more casual look. However, this can easily be made more formal by buttoning up and throwing a light sweater or cardigan over your shirt for a polished and layered look. After all it is winter and bundling up is a must!

This holiday season, we are here to keep you in high spirits and have you looking your best! We know you'll be running around to keep up with friends and family, but don't forget to get you last minute shopping in. We have a wonderful selection of winter wear for you to choose from. Feel free to browse our online shop at, but also be sure to visit our store in DC or Hell's Kitchen (As some products can only be found in our store locations). We will make sure you look dashing on your way to any holiday event.

--Team UG

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And special thanks to model Adam Ayash, Duncan Crystal and Scott Henrichsen for the photos.

July 17, 2015

Menaji: Make Up for Men

Shop Menaji

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, so why not wear make-up? It's 2015. If women can do it, so can men. Enter Menaji. Menaji is a brand leader of affordable men's lifestyle products. It was founded in 2000 by Michele Probst, a Nashville-based beauty expert and professional makeup artist, and acquired in 2010 by a group of investors who have partnered with Michele to transform the company into one of the best known men's skincare companies. Naturally, we at Universal Gear needed to get in on the action and we started to offer them in-store an online. Now we know make-up and skincare can be overwhelming, so we created this blog post to help you out. Read on to learn about some of our favorite Menaji products.

Deep Cleansing Masque

Let's start with the basics: Cleansing. Menaji specifically made this formula to handle the higher oil output of men's skin. Skin treatment for men begins with a deep clean to absorb oil, exfoliate dead skin and reduce pore size. Apply a quarter-sized amount all over your face and let sit for 15-20min. Rinse off with warm water and gently dry your skin. Your skin will look tighter and youthful in no-time! Great for over-night spot cleansing, too!

911 Eye Gel

Everyone's had at least one happy-hour last a little longer then planned. When you get into work the next day, it's written all over your face, specifically under your eyes. That's where Menaji's 911 Eye Gel comes in. Apply a small dab under the eyes and it will instantly cool your puffy eyes. Apply daily to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Keep in the fridge for an icy application.

After Shave Hydrator

Shaving is something that most men cannot avoid. Even if you only can grow a few whiskers, shaving is inevitable, and can ultimately be damaging to your skin. That's why we've brought in Menaji's After Shave Hydrator. This after shave moisturizes and soothes your chin with antioxidants and botanicals without stinging your face like alcohol-based after shaves. Great for your elbows during the winter time!

HDPV Anti-Shine Powder

Before walking about the door, you want your skin to be looking your best. Sometimes your skin is just extra blotchy or shiny. That's when you bust out your HDPV Anti-Shine Powder. Just gently pat your face with the sponge applicator for light coverage. You skin will look smooth and even all day long and if formulated to withstand the harshest conditions and the higher oil output of men's skin. It even helps heal damaged skin with vitamins C and E. And don't worry - we've got them available in all skin tones!

Shop Skincare

Looking your best doesn't stop with your outfit, and sometimes, that can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Universal Gear is here to help with a wide selection of products devoted to your grooming habits. We have hair products like Fellow Barber, skin care products like Menaji, Molton Brown, Archipelago Botanicals, and even more! Click around on our website and read up on the products we have available to see which is right for you. Or if you're in the neighborhood, why not stop in and ask one of our sales reps for tips and which products are their favorites? Helping you look your best is what we love to do!

--Team UG

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