October 10, 2014

Last Chance! 25% off all underwear!

It's the last weekend of our Underwear Sale - save 25% off all of our full-priced underwear.If you're feeling adventurous, now's the time! Just take a look over at our selections from Timoteo. They have everything from simple & colorful to hard & risque.

The Pop-Out line is perfect for the someone who wants to keep their business easy and colorful. The thick waistband with an old english font keeps your underwear feeling strong and masculine, and the bright solid print makes sure that you stand out! We have styles in a brief, boxer brief, and trainer jock.

Collegiate apparel just screams man, and so does Timoteo's Varsity selection. Bold stripes and royal coloring gives the style that high-class elitist look. Do yourself a favor - put on a pair, steam up your bathroom, wipe the mirror, look deep into your eyes and tell yourself "I just scored the winning touchdown". We have styles in a brief, trunk, athlete jock, & trainer jock.

Sliding into a pair of Timoteo's Grand Prix will leave you feeling hunky. The racing designed waistband and bright colors are great for the guy who wants a little more complexity in their drawers without going overboard - so taking a victory lap for finding the perfect pair is justified. Just don't forget to have your friend snap a few pics of you running in them for Instagram. #WinnersCircle We have the Grand Prix available in a square cut and a low-cut brief.

CellBlock 13 is what you would call Timoteo's "after dark" selection. Dare to be bold with the Enforcer Jock. With a thick, macho waistband and mesh pouch, everyone will know you're hard and tough. And when you get high off your own fumes and decide to take a walk down a dark alley, the bright color elastic will make sure you don't get lost.

Timoteo is great underwear for the everyday man.

If you're not as wild about these selections, don’t worry - we have plenty more styles and brands! But act fast - this is the last weekend for our Underwear Sale. 25% off! Be sure to check out our site for the latest styles and check back here for the dish on what we are selling.

September 26, 2014

Grab Your Pair

Universal Gear is bringing back its blog, Unzipped, just in time for our semi-annual Underwear Sale. Save 25% off all of our full-priced underwear! We are bringing back the vendors everyone loves, like Andrew Christian, C-IN2, 2(x)ist, etc, while adding even more new brands into our latest selection of underwear. One of which is Teamm8.


Teamm8 is an Australian based brand that drips in athletic aesthetics and that pretty boy look. This season we are bringing you that thunder from down under for your down under in four unique styles-the MATE Brief, Racer Brief, Touch Down Brief, & Bolt Jock. Each pair brings something different to the table-from classic and sporty to sleek and sexy. There is a pair for everyone to love!

Mate Brief

The MATE Brief is a classic Teamm8 look. Similar to their swimwear, it features a solid print, the classic Teamm8 drawstring, and a super low cut. In case you forgot, underwear that features a super-low cut tends to enhance the appearance of... well... you get the drift. Super soft, super comfortable, and a sexy cut, this pair is sure to be a crowd pleaser for those of you who like to show off.

Touch Down Brief

The Touch Down Brief is another super low cut brief from Teamm8. Do not let the simple design fool you, the double piping along the bottom and side panel gives your underwear a sporty pop. Not to mention the bright color is sure to brighten up a *ahem* dark basement. And if the super fitted low-cut scares you, you can always try a size up.

Racer Brief

Teamm8 stays true to the sleek sporty look with their Racer Brief. The dynamic three-stripe detail on the front gives a sleek look with a low-rise cut. The front pouch gives a little more space than their other briefs, and with the slightly higher cut in the back, this style is perfect for the guy who has a little more love to give out.

Bolt Jock

Nothing says athletic like the Bolt Jock from Teamm8. A jock strap already drips in masculine sex appeal, and these come in three colors that scream ask me how my protein shake tastes. The double stripes are a small, simple touch that give off the fresh outta the gym vibe. Perfect for the man that is constantly on the move.

Teamm8 is the perfect mix, with all the sensuality of an Australian and energy of a gym bag.

Not a fan of the hot athletic look? No worries! We have a wide selection of different styles! Our Underwear Sale is still going on for two more weeks where you can save up to 25% off! Be sure to check out our site for the latest styles and check back here for the dish on what we are selling.

--Team UG

February 13, 2013

POP into our Spring Denim Sale!
Bold colors, great fits and a fresh perspective for a new season! Join Universal Gear for our annual Spring Denim Sale - Select styles at 25% OFF! Take a look at our pop colors from G-Star, Hudson & Mavi along with our sexy fitted denim from Diesel, Scotch & Soda, Fidelity , Levi's & Division E!

From Modern Hipster to the Classic James Dean, we have something for everyone! What are you waiting for?! POP into Spring Denim and save with our 25% Off Sale, but don't wait too long...the perfect pair may get snatched up & nothing comes between me and my...well, you get the gist!


* New Denim Styles from Comune & Buffalo Coming Soon

--Team UG

February 04, 2013

Take it from this Washingtonian, the changing of seasons isn't always a good thing. Sure, we all love the change of Spring to Summer but this Winter into Spring is nonsense! As I sit here clutching my Sugar Free Vanilla Latte with my space heater on full blast, I can't help but randomly price check cruises to the Caribbean or a vaca in Mexico. (Shh don't tell my boss, I'm still on the clock!) And you know, if this weather doesn't shape up I may take a weekend get away to someplace much warmer, a place where they serve you drinks with little umbrellas, a place where I can work on my tan!

That's Right, you guessed it! It's Cruise Season! This is a time where we northerners are sick and tired of Mother Natures icy embrace and take a cue from our fine feathered friends and head south! From Miami to Rio de Janeiro sometimes a guy just needs to hope on a boat and get cruised! (See what I did there...did you like my lil play on words?)

When packing for a cruise you have to be prepared for any event, Dinner, Dancing and then what to wear when your get to your port of call?! Decisions Decisions...well, you're in luck! I've been dressing fashionable men for over a decade and I am here to help you with all your styling needs!

Most importantly we need to pick out your swimwear, this sets the tone for your entire trip! There are 3 types of swimwear every man must have, Family Friendly, Dare to Bare & Scandalous!

Family Friendly:
This what you wear either when you are in mixed company or as your cover up for the reveal (See Dare to Bare & Scandalous) Board Shorts and cropped Board Shorts are the place to go here. Hugo Boss and Park & Ronan are great brands for this look.

Dare to Bare: This is the stage where you can show a little skin but your still being modest (for now). These cuts tend to be mid thigh and a little more low cut. Penguin, Sauvage & Zanarobe have great mid-length styles!

Scandalous: I think we all know where this category is going... face it, Sex sells. and what better way to sell your own personal brand then to give them the WOW factor. Designers such as Andrew Christian have perfected to art of sensual swimwear, Look no further than this LA based brand! But be prepared, you will turn heads!


Are you a little pale? No worries, you can always bump up your base tan with three easy trips to your local Tanning Booth. What? Opposed to tanning beds? Not a problem, try a self tanner (just make sure you follow the directions or you may ruin your favorite pair of white linen shorts...yes, I'm still bitter!) Take my advise and you will be sure to make a splash!


November 28, 2012

PARTY TIME: A Holiday Party Style Guide

It's the most wonderful time of year! Prime time party season with a complete line up of holiday socials, great feasts and the biggest bash of all... New Years. Yet with every soiree we need another suave look to compliment the occasion. This is, after all, the last impression we will make in 2012. So let's make it memorable!

Cocktail Parties and Office After Hours

This is where you can cut loose and let the stress fly away....just don't cut so loose that you end up hitting on the boss...(unless you think it might actually get you that raise...wink wink... ) I always suggest that for cocktail parties sleek and chic are the best way to go. Fitted slacks or dark wash denim (clean cut - no rips, tears or abrasions) with a smart dress shoe is always a good fit. Pair a sophisticated plaid or solid button down with slim fit V-Neck sweater (fun pop colors this season; Robin Egg Blue, Kelly Green & Orchid/Purple). Don't be afraid to play with texture either. Delve into some velvet or corduroy to add an air of elegance.


Bring on the Roast Beast!

This season always brings together family and friends, and there is no better way to celebrate such a gathering than a grand seasonal feast! There are several great style options to help you look your best while sharing a meal with your loved ones (however if Mom is serving her legendary ChurDucken...perhaps you shouldn't wear your skinny jeans to the table...just sayin'') Keep it casual and don't over think the look. A simple button down shirt or sweater always matches well with a fitted jean. Accessorize with a vest or blazer to give a snazzy flare! Depending on how casual the meal is, you can rock a fun devil-may-care look with a vintage tee under a vest paired with a converse style shoe or weathered boot. Bon Appetit!


New Years - the Ultimate Party

This is your last, you better make it work! The ball is about to drop and it's your last moment in 2012... you must look your best! Start the night off right, choose a fitted dark denim and a crisp button front shirt and top it off with sleek blazer. The look that you want to convey is one of sophistication and seduction. After all this is your last night with Lady 2012 and you want to make it memorable! This look is perfect for the pre-party, drinks with friends or perhaps a light dinner. As you move closer to midnight take off the blazer, roll up your sleeves and loosen a button it's time to hit the dance floor! The time is getting close....5..4..3..2..1....


Universal Gear has amazing style options to fit you for every holiday event. Check out our Blazers, Button Down Shirts, Holiday Sweaters, Seasonal Denim ,Pants and Footwear