June 05, 2015

Vendor Spotlight:ES Collection & Addicted

It's finally here - SUMMER! Which means it's time to tuck away the sweaters and jeans away and pull out the shorts and tee shirts. Up until Labor Day there is only one place you need to be: the beach. Grab a towel, some sun screen, a tank, and your bathing suit, and meet us there!

Make a Splash!

Our two most popular brands have just arrived in stores: ES Collection and Addicted! These suits are sold exclusively in our stores, so you won't be able to pick any up unless you're in town. We've decided to give you an exclusive look at why these brands are so popular with our customers:

ES Collection

ES Collection has some of our hottest styles. ES Collection is based in Barcelona, bringing European style to Universal Gear. A preview of our styles can be seen in the picture above. Most of our styles feature skin-hugging fabric, allowing you to show-off. What makes their swimwear unique is the front foam cup. The cup (which is removable) sits up front to improve the aesthetics of your silhouette and and gives your front attributes a boosted appearance without leaving marks on the front of the garment. If you like to look sexy, yet classy, ES Collection is your brand.

Addicted by ES

Addicted is our other swimwear line that keeps the summer hot. Addicted is another Barcelona based company. Their underwear sells out fast for us, and their swimwear is no exception. Like ES Collection, most of our selection feature a form-hugging style and foam cup in the front. With a pair of these, you're sure to have all eyes on you at the beach!

Shop Swim

If you want to look hot at the beach, we're here to help. Stop in either of our stores to try on a pair of ES Collection or Addicted swimwear. Or you can shop online for any of our other swim styles! Beat the heat this summer and make a splash at the beach with the latest swimwear!

--Team UG

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May 21, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: Fellow Barber

When trying to look your best, getting dressed is only half of the battle. Before you walk out the door and into the rest of the world you have to make sure your hair looks good, your skin looks clear, your facial hair is trimmed, you smell good, etc. Basically, you need to be well dressed and well groomed. Universal Gear is here to help with a wide variety of men's grooming products, the latest of which is Fellow Barber.

Shop Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber is not just a line of products, but actually a small chain of modern barber shops "committed to offering a hassle-free, yet high quality experience, without the pretensions of a salon". With three barber shops in NYC along with locations in both San Francisco and Detroit, Fellow Barber is often credited for the revival of time-honored barber shop traditions. Their success has allowed them to create their own line of products which we are bringing to you at Universal Gear.

Shave Essentials

Facial hair is always a topic of dicussion when it comes to men, and each week the internet likes to change it's mind on whether it's in or out. No matter which side of the debate you stand on, knowing how to properly manage it is important. Their Shaving Cream makes for a smooth shave. The light and airy formula gives an abundance of glide. The cream is naturally scented and will not clog up your razor. Follow up your shave with their Aftershave Lotion The lotion helps your skin recover from a shave while moisturizing your face, cleaning off dirt and grease, and tightening your pores. Scented with natural oils, it will keep you smelling as fresh and clean as your face looks.

Shower Essentials

Having healthy hair is important, after all, Fellow Barber is a barber shop. To keep your hair looking it's best you'll obviously need a superior shampoo. The Complete Shampoo is just what you need to keep your hair strong. The light cleansing formula won't strip your hair and the mild conditioning formula keeps your hair looking natural. Tip: If you shampoo daily, use in small doses.

Hair Styling Products

Your hairstyle is what really pulls together a 'look'. Unkept hair can really make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. The key is make it look deliberate, and depending on what you're going for depends on which products you should use. If you're looking for a more care-free and loose style, the Styling Cream is going to be your best friend. It has a very light hold and a hint of shine in the finish. Ideal for the man with mid to long hair or just the guy who doesn't like to be spending too long in the mirror with a comb. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you prefer to have more precise, detailed looks, then the Texture Paste is going to be your tool. The paste has a medium hold and matte styling, so it should be applied to dry hair. Use liberally for a stronger hold, or apply small amounts to tame waves of hair. Additionally, the paste will work better for men with coarser hair.

Shop Skincare

Taking care of your appearance doesn't stop with your closet. Thankfully, Universal Gear has a wide selection of products devoted to your grooming habits. We have hair products like Fellow Barber, skin care products like Das Boom, Molton Brown, Archipelago Botanicals, and even more! Click around on our website and read up on the products we have available to see which is right for you. Or if you're in the neighborhood, why not stop in and ask one of our sales reps which products are their favorites? Helping you look your best is what we love to do!

--Team UG

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May 01, 2015

Bring On Spring!

No, the color on your monitors hasn't been adjusted, everything actually has gotten brighter. That's because it's finally spring! And that means it's time you brighten up your wardrobe!

Bring On Spring

It's time to dial up the saturation on your closets! After spending the endless months hibernating, bright and colorful clothing can seem a bit too loud. And sometimes it is, and that's why we are here to help. We wouldn't let you wear something that is ridiculous, so let's look through some of our more popular labels...


G-Star gives us an urban feel. Famous for it's slim-fitting clothes, it'll help you preview that figure you're working on for the beach. If you're afraid of bright colors, then G-Star is for you. They keep it colorful, yet not too bright that you're blinding everyone on the street. Throw together an outfit from G-Star for that beer garden you plan on going to this weekend.

Original Penguin

If you're ready to hit spring right on, Original Penguin is for you. Original Penguin is the perfect mix between dressed-up and casual. You can find anything from cheeky t-shirts, to brightly colored pants, to flattering polos and button-down shirts. You can find a pair of twill shorts in vibrant greens or coral to a low-key navy or beige. If you stick with Penguin, you're sure to look great in all those pictures at your friend's rooftop BBQ.

Scotch & Soda

Hit spring from an unexpected angle with Scotch & Soda When you do the unexpected, you're sure to stand out. Scotch & Soda makes casual look posh. Their clothes are filled with unique patterns and colors that always look fresh. Polka-dots, to pineapples, to floral prints that show you it's cool to flirt with the line between high-fashion and tacky. Next time you go to that upscale dive-bar you love, all eyes will be on you.


Spring is about renewal, and what better way to renew than to breathe new life into that cold, cold closet? I find it hard to believe, but some of these brands may still not be your style and that's ok! We have plenty more where those come from - Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Jeremiah, & so much more! Check out our online store for our latest selection. Or stop into any one of our storefront locations where our sales associates want to help you dress your best! So get out there, go enjoy this weather, and turn some heads!

--Team UG

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And special thanks to model Adam Ayash and Scott Henrichsen Photography for the photos.

March 24, 2015

What're You Packing?

It's your favorite time of year, our Underwear Sale! All of our regular-priced underwear has been marked down to 25% OFF!

Shop All Underwear

Ever since we moved our DC store, we've been getting a lot of new customers and some of them seem to be intimidated by our underwear selection. If you're new to us, too, we want to help! We're going to use this post to scroll through our more popular styles so you can find a pair that fits you the way you want! Stick with us and you're obviously going to look great!

Shop Trunks

Boxer briefs are your dad's underwear, so you should be looking at trunks. The square cut gives your downstairs a sleeker, sexier appearance. The waist is typically a lower rise than boxer briefs, giving your package a larger appearance. And since the legs come up higher on the thigh than traditional boxer briefs, your backside has a more flattering appearance. If you want something a little more fun than just a pair of boxer briefs, trunks are the way to go. Click here or the image above to browse through our trunks selection.

Shop Briefs

You could listen to your inner 12 year old boy, and be afraid of losing your lunch money for wearing briefs, or you could explore outside the world of tighty-whities. Low-rise briefs scream sex appeal. They waist band sits just below the hip, and they are specifically engineered to enhance the appearance of what you're storing up front. Brands like Andrew Christian, C-IN2, 2-xist, and many more feature bright colors and hot prints to keep your underwear drawer looking stylish and fresh. Find the right brand and print, and you're sure to feel sexy. Click here or the image above to browse through our briefs selection.

Shop Jock Straps

You could wear your regular underwear to the gym, or you could wear a jockstrap. Not much to see here, since a typical jock strap comes with a front pouch to keep everything in place while you go through your gym routine. The rear is open, usually with two straps for rear lift and support. And I'm sure if you wore it out to dinner tonight your date will be pleasantly surprised with the view once the night has ended. Click here or the image above to browse through our jockstrap selection.

Shop All Underwear

Of course there are more styles than these, and of course we have them all! Take a walk on the wild side and click around our website to see all of the different brands and styles we offer. Now's the perfect time to shop with our Underwear Sale going on. We take 25% OFF all of our regular priced underwear! Need more information about how specific pairs will fit? Stop in one of our locations today and ask for help from any of our sales associates! They are always passionate about our products! We're here to help you look your best all dressed up and when you're barely clothed. HURRY! Sale ends April 2nd.

--Team UG

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February 06, 2015


This winter weather has overstayed it's welcome. Assuming you're not an Eskimo, I'm sure you're longing for the summer. And right about now, the closest you'll get to that (short of Memorial Day) is that cruise we know you booked last night.

Climb Aboard!

Time to throw away those ratty bathing suits from last year
and treat your self to a hot new pair. Here at Universal Gear, we have a wide selection to choose from, and this blog is here to help pick out the perfect pair for you.

Volley Trunk

Volley trunks are your classic bathing suit, which is perfect for the guy that loves the basics. Pictured above is our 3 Color Striped Fixed Volley Trunk from Original Penguin, which features a 3 block stripe pattern. The waist hugs your hips comfortably and the leg sits just above the knee. It also features two waist pockets because you're going need somewhere to put your room key, when you're laying on the deck with a drink in your hand.


Box trunks are the bathing suits of 2015. Anyone who loves to show off, but wants to keep an air of classy, box trunks are where it's at. Above is our Angeleno Retro Print Trunk from Parke & Ronen. The waist is low-rise and the leg comes down to about mid-thigh, allowing you to show off those legs you've been working so hard on since the holidays ...right? It features two waist pockets, zip fly, and snap waist, while the inside mesh keeps you supported as your run around the deck jumping in and out of the pool.

Bikini Brief

It takes a real man to wear a bikini brief. You've been working off all that holiday weight, and you deserve to flaunt it. Shown above is the Charger Bikini from Andrew Christian. The quick-drying, skin-hugging fabric and low-rise waist makes sure everyone will see ALL of your back and abdominal muscles. The drawstring waist is a great addition to add style to the suit, not that anyone will be paying attention to what you're wearing. The elastic loop in the pouch gives all the support to your front making the emphasis on what you're packing.

Browse Online

We've got you covered and are here to help you look your best while you try to escape the freezing snow for warmer waters. And now that you got the basics down, you should probably stop into your local Universal Gear and try on a pair, because we have plenty more styles and vendors than the ones we featured above. No store near where you live? Good thing we have an online shop.

--Team UG

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